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Submitted on
October 7, 2012
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Camera Data

Canon FS200
Shutter Speed
1/15 second
Focal Length
3 mm
Date Taken
Oct 7, 2012, 1:47:36 PM
Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery 6.0.6001.18000
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I Love You by Zombie-Necromancer23 I Love You by Zombie-Necromancer23
I was hanging out with my BFF, Max, at 4 or 5 am today and randomly started doodling my reflection in the window because I thought my hair looked weird down. (I normally have it up because it has a mind of its own and roams around and blinds me -- and yet, I hate having short hair. :/)

...But when I started doodling, my notebook was blocking my reflection, so I improvised the rest of the drawing. Originally, I was going to be giving the peace sign in this, but I changed it right before I inked that part. (I remembered that what means a "peace sign" where I live can mean "F#*% you" in other I changed it to American Sign Language for "I love you" at the last second. --I hope I did that right. I suck at drawing hands. Xp)

After I inked myself, I decided to use the space I had left over at the bottom to draw a chibi version of Max's head, because I was hanging out with him. Afterwards, I thought the picture looked kind of bland, so I thought "I used the sign for 'I love you', so I'll draw a heart around the picture." But, I didn't have enough horizontal space for one, so I drew a half-heart, which I guess looked kind of cool...

...and then I randomly found a package of crayons under my desk... It was a sign - I had to use them (despite my better judgement - I have NO patience for coloring things).

Then I took a crappy picture with my camera - which is what you see before you. So...yeah...that's about it.

Oh, and since I keep hearing things about people wanting to draw but not having any ideas for things to draw... You can draw a second half of the heart. I love my watchers, so you can complete the heart and get the love...or something like that. :shrug: IDK.

Later :heart:
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